My Recommended Resources to Make Your Travel Better & Easier

Plan a trip is not an easy and simple work. It will cost you lots of time to plan well. How to do it more efficient before you give up? Below are the companies and tools I used for my travels. I have planned and booked many trips. They do help me to do it easier and smarter. Check them and hope they are useful for your next adventure.


The cost of the air tickets is a big amount for your trip, especially when you travel Find out the best route and get great deals can help you save a lot during the trip. Below are the tools I used every time for planning my trips. They can help you check the best routes from different airlines and compare the cost. As the ticket price varies all the time, better to get your tickets 4-6 weeks before you go. You can also track the price and alter the low price by using 


Momondo is my first choice to search the air tickets, find and compare the best offers on flights. They cover more airlines than other flight search sites. Plus the user experience of this site is very good. You can easily to set up and find out the airline which you are looking for. 

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Skyscanner is also a good site for searching flights and comparing offers. It covers many airlines and you can track the price with an account. Momondo is my first choice, but I also take a look on Skyscanner to company the offers.

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Google Flights

Google Flights is a pure search engine for flights. You can easily use it to find out the price and the best flights for your trip. One thing I like it most is it will not track your research and keep the price up. I feel safe to search the flights on it.  

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Accommodation is also one of the biggest cost of the trip. It can cost 1000 bucks one night or 10 bucks in the hostel. It depends on your budget and the trip style you would like to experience. You may wonder what if I want to spend less and also experience good? I want to tell you that’s possible, but it will cost you some time to find them out. Below are the platforms to compare the price. You can also get the great deals from them.


Agoda is a trustworthy platform for booking hotels. They have good customer service and price guarantee to make sure you can order with peace. It would the #1 choice to book hotels if you travel in Asia, for they have more resource of the hotels than others. Sometimes they really have great discounts. Book via Agoda, you don’t have to hand over your credit card information to the hotel, it’s the transaction between you with Agoda. 

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Booking is another platform of booking hotels from Priceline family (Same with Agoda). They have advantage on the hotels in Europe. One thing I think Booking rock is they have no reservation fee, your book can be cancelled free in many cases. The instant confirmation is another point I like. You can book with confidence. 

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Airbnb provides ways for you to book the house or room from local people of the destinations. If you want to live more locally and try the uncommon hotel rooms, Airbnb is a good way to go. When you travel with a group, it’s a great way to rent a nice house with many rooms and saving the cost. Also, you might get the guidance from the house owner to explore the place more locally.

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Travel Insurance

World Nomads

Travel insurance is one of the must things you have to prepare before the trip. We definitely want to travel safe, but no one will know what will happen on the road. World Nomads has good customer service, great travel insurances for 140 countries, and competitive price. Get yourselves covered. 

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Google Maps

The best ever map helping me find out the right directions to go to my destination. With it, I will never worry I will get lost! It can give your suggestions on the routes of driving, transit and walk. And it tells how long it will take, how far it is. The bus and metro are real-time, you can see when they will come. It’s very convenient to use when you need to take the public transportations in a new place. 

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Blogging – The Way to help you Travel Longer


Hosting is the place where you save the files of your website.  What I really satisfied about SitGround is their services. SiteGround has the superb customer service. Whenever you got problems or questions, they are always there for help. Their hosting is safe and high speed.

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