27 Random Facts About Me

When I find some great blogs I like, I love to know the person behind. It’s very interesting to know some facts about them that we couldn’t read in their articles. Besides travel topics, I would like to show some facts that you may not have known about me.

1.) I’m the only one child in my family. (Because of the one-child policy)

2). I have 2 best childhood friends since we were born and we are still best friends. (They are like my sisters.)

3). I’m a follower of Jesus. Yes, the first one in my family.

4). My love language is quality time. I feel loved when I had quality time with others.

5.) My favorite sport is skiing, even though I was born in the South.

6.) I hope one day I can make a film.

7.) I love film photography.

8.) I love Fujifilm camera than my Canon.

9.) I’m willing to spend money on electronics than clothes.

10.) I dislike to makeup every day.

11.) I was bitten by a doggie when I was 10. Now I’m afraid to touch all kinds of animals.

12.) I’m working for a U.S company, but my boss said I can work anywhere. One reason I can travel more 😉

13.) I’m not a party person, I love to spend time with a small group friend.

14.) My grandma is my favorite person.

15.) I used to love the sweet food, but I can just eat a little of them.

16.) My favorite color is green. I have lots of green clothes.

17.) I decided to volunteer for one year.

18.) I got my driver license 7 years ago, but I just drove under 10 times till now. No kidding.

19.) I like walking a. lot!

20.) When I find some good restaurants or bakeries, my next goal will be trying them all.

21.) My major in the university is English, but I’m a geek sometimes.

22.) I love to learn the new things and learning many, but I think I’m obsessed to learn too much. The strength can be a weakness.

23) Chick-fil-a is my favorite fast food. Waffle Potato Fries is like heaven.

24) My favorite photographer is Hideaki Hamada.

25) I got 5kg (11lbs) in my first semester at the university, because I ate a lot of fast food.

26) I dreamed A LOT when I sleep, almost every day.

27) My funniest dream was when I ready to enjoy a table of food, my mom asked me to wash hands first. Then I went to wash my hands, and…I waked up and found I was really rubbing my hands on my bed.

If you have any questions or want to know more facts about me, feel free leave your comments below. I would like to hear the facts about you as well 😉

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