Hey there! My name is Christine Wang, and I’m the founder of winterofwonders.com.

I’m a world traveler (even though I’m still not gone so far, but will keep going :)) and outdoor adventurer. Skiing is my favorite sport that’s why I had my blog called Winter of Wonders. While not only skiing, I like to travel around the world and do many outdoor activities in all seasons, hiking in the mountains and jungles, chasing the snow and waves.

Photography is my passion, I like to capture the moments during the trip and tell the stories of them. You can check my gallery here. For me, the most beautiful moment is the time when I feel awe to the creations, and there’s a peace in my heart. How amazing to see those creations! I believe good photos can pass those moments, inspire others to see and experience by themselves.

You can also check 27 Random Facts About Me to know deeper about my personal life.

Here, in this blog, I will share my adventurers around the world, the stories on the road, inspiring photography from my lens. Hope you can see the beauty of the world, be inspired to explore the planet and step out to start your journey.

Why I start this blog?

I stepped out my first trip in my 17, the first year of my college. As I said, it’s my first time to go to travel without parents, I didn’t even book a hotel before I go. At that time, I have no idea I should get a room first, especially in a busy season. I remember until around 9:30 pm after many calls on checking hotels. Finally, I got my room in a small hostel, the last room in that area. Isn’t it crazy? First night could be homeless, lol. While that was still a really fun day.

What I learned from my first trip was – prepare a little before you go is safer and make the trip easier 🙂

I know the feeling to plan a trip to a new destination. It’s not an easy and simple work, it takes you lots of time to do the research. After many trips and adventurers, I became more and more experienced on how to plan a trip and travel well. I learned a lot from each trip. After every trip, I will fix my original plans and make them better and more practical.

So I want to share my travel plans and tips here to benefit you, who are reading my blog. I wish my tips can save your time on research and help you have a clearer idea how to travel well.

This blog is also a place where I can record my trips, these memories make me smile when I look back.

What can you find from WinterOfWonders.com?

  • Useful tips and guides about things to do and see, places to stay, food to eat and transportation.
  • Suggestions for the (optimized) routes and schedule planning in the destinations.
  • Advice on budgets and how to travel with saving money.
  • Ultimate guides for the different destinations I have been to.

Not limited to that useful information, I will also share my gallery and videos on the road.

Thanks so much for reading my blog.